Waterfalls on a Grand Canyon Rafting Trip

We Love Waterfalls on Grand Canyon White Water Rafting Trips



Many guests set out in search of majestic waterfalls while traveling along the Colorado River. At the sight of a waterfall, your inner kid comes out and splashing and playing in the downpour brings out tremendous joy. What is it about water streaming down into an exquisite pool below that lures travelers of all sorts to these places? Grand Canyon white water rafting trips provide excitement throughout but nothing compares to a good ol’ waterfall.

Note that no stops are guaranteed on a Grand Canyon rafting trip due to timing, weather, and other factors.  Therefore, you may not see every waterfall on this list. Guides make decisions based on conditions, but you will generally see at least one waterfall on your trip. The Lower Canyon contains the majority of waterfalls. If there is a waterfall you are particularly interested in seeing, let your guide know at the beginning of the trip and they can do their best to make it a stop if possible.


Here is a list of falls that might be seen on Grand Canyon white water rafting trips:


  • Vasey’s Paradise – Mile 32 – Named for George W. Vasey, a botanist who traveled with John Wesley Powell on his 1868 expedition. The lush vegetation and waterfall are home to many critters, including the endangered Kanab Amber Snail. The fall comes directly out of the Canyon walls and is surrounded by poison oak, so no swimming here, but it’s perfect for a photo.


  • Horizontal Waterfall at Clear Creek – Mile 84 – A quick scramble and a short walk up this creek leads you to a waterfall that comes out horizontally. The force of the water and the shape of the rock that the water slides down causes the waterfall to shoot straight out at you.


  • Shinumo Creek – Mile 109 – Just a short walk up this creek there is a gorgeous waterfall and shallow pool. If you sit long enough you might get a pedicure from some speckled dace!


  • Elves Chasm – Mile 117 – An idyllic waterfall and grotto located a short hike and scramble away from the Colorado River. Perfect for an afternoon dip or waterfall jump.Beautiful red rock grotto with pool beneath


  • Stone Creek – Mile 132.5 – A short hike up this creek leads to a charming waterfall. Sometimes guests might get the chance to camp near Stone Creek and have a nice shower before dinnertime.


  • Deer Creek Falls –  Mile 137 -The tallest waterfall in the Grand Canyon at over 100 feet tall. A trail leads to an oasis above the waterfall called the patio.

    150 foot waterfall in background with water tumbling over rocks in foreground

    Deer Creek Falls plunges over 150 feet within the Grand Canyon, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA


  • Falls Along Havasu Creek – Mile 157 – Due to the nature of the trip, guests will not get the chance to hike the 8+ miles up to famed Havasu Falls, but relaxing in the falls near the confluence with the Colorado River provides ample excitement in the (most of the time) turquoise waters.


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