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Embark on your Hatch River Expedition with confidence and excitement, armed with all the knowledge you need. Our Pre-Trip Education section is your go-to resource for preparing for the journey of a lifetime. From essential packing lists to insightful safety briefings, we provide comprehensive guides to ensure you’re well-equipped for the adventure ahead. Delve into detailed information about the terrain, weather conditions, and what to expect on your specific tour.

Our expert tips and advice are tailored to help both first-time rafters and seasoned explorers. Get ready to navigate the wonders of the Grand Canyon with assurance and enthusiasm. Start your adventure preparation here and make every moment on the river truly unforgettable.

Please Check Out Our FAQ Page

There are a lot of factors to consider when getting ready for your trip. Please checkout our FAQ page to learn about what each trip entails and what you need to do/bring to be prepared. 

Pre/Post Trip Education

The following resources are meant to help you prepare for your trip and give post trip information/tips.

Native American History & Perspectives

Geology & Paleontology


For Kids and Young Adults

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