It’s March. Prepare for Your Upcoming Grand Canyon River Trip!

It’s March and Your Grand Canyon River Trip is This Summer!

What should you be doing to prepare?

Grand Canyon Scenic Photo

So you booked a Grand Canyon river trip with Hatch River Expeditions, how should you make sure you’re ready for your adventure?

On the Hatch Side of Things

  • Utilize your Activity Manager (The link should be in any recent email from Hatch)
    • Ensure the Acknowledgment of Risks Form and Registration Form are complete
    • Pay invoice balance
    • Print out and review documents for your trip (packing list, etc.)
    • Update any logistics or dietary information that may have changed since you initially booked
    • Join our social site!
      • If you click the “Photos” section of our Activity Manager, you can meet other guests registered for your trip
    • Submit the Beverage Order Form directly to Cliff Dwellers Lodge
    • Look at our FAQ page. There is a wealth of information available there!
      • If you have those questions, it likely means someone else has before too. 

Transportation and Lodging Arrangements 

  • Book appropriate transportation
    • Click here for Full Canyon Information
    • Click here for Upper Canyon Information 
    • Click here for Lower Canyon Information
  • For Full and Upper Canyon trips, we book the lodging for you the evening before your trip. 
  • For Lower Canyon trips, you will need to book lodging at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and those book up quickly so start looking!
Whitmore International Airport sign.

Whitmore International Airport at Bar 10 Ranch.

All Things Packing

  • Print out packing list and put on your fridge
  • Buy/break in any new shoes including both tennis shoes and sandals. We recommend at least a month of wear to ensure you won’t get blisters
  • You DO NOT need to purchase the newest gear for your trip, but if you decide to, we recommend purchasing early to ensure it is comfortable and fits the way you want. Patagonia and REI both have great worn wear options as well. 

Getting Active!

  • Hatch River trips are active vacations, so we recommend engaging in physical activity prior to your trip to be prepared!
    • HIKE – try and find some trails that have elevation change
    • Use incline on gym equipment or take the stairs
      • Try adding a backpack with water to know how it will feel to carry those while hiking in the canyon
    • Walk on uneven terrain and rocky trails when possible
    • Start drinking water now to ensure you are in the habit on your Grand Canyon river trip
      • On the trip, drink water every time you see someone else drinking
Hiking on trail off Colorado River in Grand Canyon

Guests stay close to wall during a hike while on their Grand Canyon river trip with Hatch.

Invite Your Friends!

  • Hatch River trips are unforgettable vacation with a very social component and some of the best parts of river trips is telling the stories and reminiscing with those who were on the trip with you afterward. 
  • Many guests meet friends on a Hatch river trip that last a lifetime afterward.
  • We often see repeat guests who bring new folks with them each time
    • If you have family and/or friends that might be interested in joining you, we would love to have them. This trip really is for everyone!
Guest Jennifer L.'s photo from her Hatch river trip with friends in 2023

Guest Jennifer and friends pose on their Hatch Grand Canyon river trip, in their planned theme night costumes.