Choosing the Right Grand Canyon Rafting Trip

When it comes to Grand Canyon rafting trips, picking the right trips for you is key!

We have all types of guests and we are experts in helping them choose the best type of trip, based on what they are looking to get out of this incredible adventure.

Whether it is the history that draws you in, the unique geology that allows you to touch the rocks of the past, or the incredible adventure that is baked into any Grand Canyon rafting experience. We will be the first to tell you, that venturing through Grand Canyon whitewater is the best way to experience this place!

Not only do we have thrill seekers, but our Grand Canyon rafting trips have attracted artists, adventurers, scientists, and families of all sizes and ages. We have seen engagements, weddings, and family reunions, as well as the creation of countless lifelong friendships. Not only do we have first-timers, but we see many repeat customers, even families that have shared river trips over generations. However, before you start booking, make sure you understand your options to ensure you get the most out of your trip.

Let’s Talk Hatch Grand Canyon Rafting Options!

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Motorized Trips

The Full Canyon Motorized trips are our most common trip and allow us to make the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon accessible to the widest range of folks. We understand that 7-days away from life sounds like a lot, but many people feel it isn’t enough as they leave back home.

Oar Trips

Oar trips are best for those who want to be closer to the action. Oar-powered trips also require more time to be able to cover the miles, whether you’re doing an Upper, Lower, or Full 188 miles, plan to spend a few more days than on a motor trip.

Hiking Focused Trips

The hiking-focused trip is offered only once a year and within the cooler temperatures of April. The hiking focused trip is longer for both the full canyon and the exchanges so that there is ample time to hike more on these trips and are often the first to fill. It is vital you are booking this trip if you are able to keep up with the other hikers. It impacts the rest of the group if someone isn’t prepared.

Let the Motor Do The Work For You!

Hatch River Motorized Trip

What are motorized trips?

A motorized trip is powered by a motorized raft that allows for a full river trip in just 7 days! Our most popular option, the motorized trip, provides a balance of adventure and convenience that is unmatched.

What to expect

Raft 188 miles from Lees Ferry to Whitmore Wash, and experience intense rapids, beautiful hikes, ancient ruins, waterfalls, and memorable swimming spots. After each day’s events, enjoy a plentiful and delicious feast made with love by your crew and relax at camp under the glowing stars beyond the canyon walls. On the last day of your trip, take a scenic helicopter ride out of the Canyon to Bar 10 Ranch.

Physical health requirements

Read over the physical requirements page to learn more about what to expect. We have hosted guests from 9 to almost 90. However, for some, it can be challenging to adjust to environmental conditions, including heat, cold, elevation, weather, water, and sand.

Like what you see, head over to our motorized trips page to find out more.

Oar Rafting Adventure!

Rafting in the Colorado, oar trip in grand Canyon

What are oar trips?

Oar-powered trips have no motor and you are powdered by your guide pushing the oar through the water. Keep in mind, that the passengers do not paddle at all

What to expect

Oar-powered trips are popular among the more thrill-seeking customers, and many like the way the oar boats bring you closer to the action in rapids, as well as the slower pace to take it all in.

Physical health requirements

This is a bit more involved than a motor trip. Feel more of the rapids and slow down while you go through each section of the canyon. The Physical Health requirements are covered on our website.

Want the adventure of an oar powered Grand Canyon rafting trip? Find out more!

Best of Both Worlds – Hike & Raft the Canyon!

Hiking Focused Trip, hiking in Grand Canyon

What are Hiking-Focused trips?

Hiking focused trips are just what they sound like! They are longer trips to provide time to explore more trails off the river than a typical trip would do. That is why these are only offered during the earlier months of the season, since it isn’t as hot during that time of year.

What to expect

These trips are limited and were created to cater to those wanting to explore more of the trails within Grand Canyon. These trips are only offered in April due to the better temperatures for hiking, which makes them safer and much more enjoyable for guests.

Physical health requirements

The hiking-focused trips have more physical requirements than the other trips we offer, so it’s important you know what you’re getting into before you book. Remember, this is a group activity, so it is important to be physically able to participate in the group. Your actions will impact the group experience, so make sure you understand what is expected.

Is a hiking-focused trip calling your name? Find out what trips are available on our Hiking-Focused River Trips page.

It’s About the Journey, Not the Destination

Finding the right trip for you

Whatever you choose, the Grand Canyon rafting trip will be unforgettable for everyone! We took time to outline all of our trips on our website, so please review all of our trip types before you book. Our office is also happy to figure out what the best trip for you would be, so call us!

The experience of a lifetime

Whether it is the beauty, history, geology, adventure, or just the vastness that draws you to Grand Canyon, a river trip is the best way to experience and see this incredible place!

Not only is the setting incredible, but your guides will be a huge part of your trip, no matter the type of trip you choose. Their passion and dedication to Grand Canyon and river guiding are obvious in everything they do. From their extensive knowledge, their dedication to conservation, and even their undeniable cooking skills, the guides are truly a highlight on every trip.

So, What Do Ya Say?

Grand Canyon river trips are something that you will speak of for years after it’s over. Not only are you in such a unique and remote place, but the friends you make and the new experiences are like no other “vacation” you’ve been on before.

These trips are often “bucket list trips” for guests. However, often a once-in-a-lifetime trip becomes a family tradition.

We know this is a unique trip, and you might have some questions! Our office loves to answer all the questions and help ensure that clients are feeling prepared for anything. Do not hesitate to reach out to us to get more details on all things Hatch.

Reach out to Hatch River Expeditions to learn more about how you can embark on this transformative expedition and repeat this extraordinary adventure whenever the call of the canyon beckons. The Grand Canyon awaits, and your journey back in time begins with Hatch.

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