Solo Travelers Can Find Community on River Trips

Solo Travelers Can Find Community on River Trips



Come alone, but leave with new lifelong friendships!



Hatch River trips are perfect for the solo traveler. From making new friends to feeling empowered, there’s no better place to connect with yourself and others than the Grand Canyon. Solo Travelers are bound to find community on Hatch trips and much more!


Get to Know Your Fellow Travelers

Do you love meeting new and interesting people while you travel?

On a Grand Canyon rafting trip, you are bound to bond with the other travelers. After a few days of helping each other on hikes and setting up camp, sharing meals, and exploring this beautiful and remote backcountry setting together, your trip mates and guides will start to feel like your very own “river family.”


Explore and Learn About Grand Canyon

You’ll have an opportunity to visit hidden waterfalls and springs, hike to breathtaking viewpoints, and walk the same land the canyon’s earliest inhabitants walked centuries ago. Your guides will share about historical figures that explored and developed parts of the canyon. You’ll be immersed in plant and animal life in its natural setting. Plus, you’ll make new friends along the way. You may even learn as much about your traveling companions as you do about this stunning place.

We provide all your essential camping gear, so all you have to bring is yourself, your personal gear, and your adventure attitude.


Come Away with a Sense of Empowerment

Many of our solo guests come away with greater self-knowledge and a sense of empowerment. Being in the beauty of the Grand Canyon, and having time away from life on the rim, can help you come away with greater perspective. You’ll go home feeling empowered and accomplished from completing on a challenging adventure.  These feelings last long after you get off your trip.


Be Prepared

You’ll want to keep a few things in mind before you commit to booking a Hatch trip. You’ll need to be prepared for extreme temperatures (well over 100°F in the peak of summer), intense sun, cold water, rocky trails, and sand… everywhere. If you’re considering an upper canyon or lower canyon trip, you’ll want to do pre-conditioning to get in solid hiking shape before you go.

If you have any medical or dietary conditions or are worried about your physical capabilities, you may want to discuss the suitability of such a trip with their doctor. We’re also happy to talk through your concerns and give you a realistic idea of the conditions you’ll experience.


Ready to get started? Here are some trips you might enjoy:


7 Day Full Canyon Motorized Trip

Rating: Active

This is our most popular and most frequently offered style of trip. It is great for most fitness levels, and the 7 day duration is easy to take a vacation from work. You can also book the 4 day upper or 4 day lower portion of this trip if you are a hiker in excellent physical shape.    

12 Day Full Canyon Oar Powered Trip

Rating: More Active

If you have a little more time to devote to your vacation, this trip should be on your list of possibilities. You’ll travel the same distance as on the Full Canyon Motorized, but on smaller crafts rowed by our guides. These smaller rafts can be tossed around more, so prepare to hang on tight through the larger rapids. You can also book the 6 day upper or 7 day lower portion of this trip if you are a hiker in excellent physical shape.

12 Day Full Canyon Hiking Focused Trip

Rating: Most Active

If you have some extra time AND you’re an avid hiker, we have the trip for you. It’s only offered in mid-April, but if your schedule allows, this trip affords you an opportunity to do longer hikes to destinations other travels won’t see. April is also the perfect time to see the canyon’s many wildflowers in bloom. You can also book either the 6 day upper portion or 7 day lower portion of this trip.


Solo Travelers are bound to find community on Hatch trips. There’s no better place to connect with yourself, mother nature, and others than the Grand Canyon.  Join a 2024 or 2025 trip to experience the magic of a Grand Canyon expedition for yourself!