Life Lessons Learned on Grand Canyon River Trips

Life Lessons Learned on Grand Canyon River Trips

Grand Canyon can teach lessons on life – on and off the river

Not only are Grand Canyon River trips a bucket list item for many, but there is so much more to these trips than you might realize. Often rivers are metaphors used for life and many lessons can be learned while on a Grand Canyon river trip. 

Here are some common takeaways that guests report implementing into their everyday lives after their trip. 

Spend Time in Nature Every Day

This type of trip can help you learn to marvel at the little things. Things like the flow of the river, the smell of the desert air, the feel of the sand, or the color of the water.  

We have no doubt you’ll be inspired to get out and explore!

Living on River Time

Be present and go with the flow, just like a raft through Grand Canyon. 

One of the biggest lessons guests report getting from their trip is the importance of being present. Not worrying about what’s coming next or what you’ll make for the next meal, but instead, letting life come your way without resisting. So, next time you find yourself worrying about the future or ruminating on the past, bring yourself into the present moment and appreciate all the beauty that surrounds you, focus down to even the tiniest details. 

Most of us aren’t surrounded by the beauty of Grand Canyon on a daily basis, but wherever you are, you can find beauty.

Connect with Strangers

It’s amazing how quickly strangers connect on a river trip!

These trips can create a unique opportunity to meet, spend time with others and work together to get down the river. The bond you make in 7-days can often turn into lifelong friendships. 

Get your vitamin D (and a lot of other great stuff) from the sun

From boosting your mood to your immune system, the sun and the vitamin D it provides has innumerable mental and physical health benefits. Stronger bones, cancer and dementia protection, increased life expectancy, lower blood pressure, lower risk of obesity, increased life expectancy, decreased pain – you name it, the sun has your back. 

That doesn’t mean you don’t need to think about sun protection though! Make sure you have both sunscreen and sun-protective clothing to avoid the negative effects from sun exposure.

Disconnect from Technology

Focus on what really matters. 

On river trips, being disconnected from technology is often one of the biggest things guests report is hard to find anywhere else. Technology and our need to be available is everywhere these days and obviously the connection that technology has made possible is incredible, however, we would argue that being disconnected would be considered a luxury these days. 

Not only have river trips been found to be good for mental and physical health, but they have many benefits for life after a river trip too! Where else can you be disconnected from society and be fully engulfed in the beauty of nature for that much time? 


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