Exploring the Great Outdoors Together

The outdoors isn’t necessarily a space where everyone feels welcome.

So, we wanted to take the time to share some resources that helped us learn how to make the outdoors more welcoming and what organizations you should know about because they are doing amazing work! It is important to learn about the issues to best know how to resolve them so that everyone feels confident to book any one of our trips.

These articles, organizations, and podcasts can help you get acquainted with why the outdoors has been historically restrictive for many groups. It is vital to know the history so we can understand how we got to where we are today and how we can improve ways of sharing these revered places with everyone for generations to come.


  1. Why Buffalo Soldiers Served Among the Nation’s First Park Rangers
  2. How can the National Park Services work to be anti-racist?
  3. Tina Short and Kym Elder: “The Story of People that Look Like Me” (U.S. National Park Service)


  1. Together Outdoors
  2. Diversify Outdoors


  1. Code Switch Podcast, Episode 2: Being ‘Outdoorsy’ When You’re Black Or Brown
  2. Closing the Adventure Gap

*Photo by Morris Outwater