April and May Trip Reviews: Hear What Hatch Guests Are Saying!

April and May Trip Reviews: Hear What Guests Are Saying!



The 2024 season is off to a great start and guest feedback is rolling in!



There’s no doubt that a Grand Canyon whitewater rafting vacation is the trip of a lifetime. But, we’re humbled when we hear from our guests that what really made their trip was coming with Hatch. From being impressed with the company to connecting with our guides, the lovely April and May trip reviews our guests have shared with us have us excited for the rest of the season!



About the Trips


“This was really the trip of a lifetime. I got to experience the adventure and beauty of the Grand Canyon up close and personal, but in a safe and supported environment. I was able to reconnect with family and nature in a way that was profoundly restorative.”  – Diahanna

“”Stepic!!” Epic on steroids. Everyone who experiences this stellar trip will leave the canyon forever changed.
My haiku
Canyon is calling
Whitewater churning inside
Rippling desires”  – Joy

“A trip of a lifetime. Which will probably turn into 2 or 3 trips of a lifetime.”  – Sharon

“It was the most magical, mystical, majestic experience. One of the most amazing weeks of our lives!”  – Lori

“I still can’t talk about it without becoming emotional. The trip was outrageous and magical in every single way. I won’t ever forget it. And thank you for supporting my vegan eating choices. HRE is top of the industry.”  – Anne

“This trip was exactly what I needed and was looking for. I chose Hatch because of a recommendation from someone I knew who worked with various outfitters, the long history that Hatch has with trips in the canyon and because it is a small business.”  – Betsey

“I will look back on this trip as one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. Thank you.”  – Deb

“The majesty of Grand Canyon works its magic. I’m in awe of the level of comfort and safety Hatch is able to provide their guests in such an extreme environment. Thank you!!”  – Helen

“I can’t say enough good things about this trip. We had high expectations, but this trip exceeded anything we could have imagined. It truly is the adventure of a lifetime and (while I don’t have too many friends who could do it) I would recommend Hatch to anyone considering this type of trip! Thank you for the trip of a lifetime!”  – Cindy

“I will recommend Hatch to all who ask “who is the best” on the river?”  – Rich


About our Guides


“Dan and Carlos were a great team and provided a wonderful experience on the river. They helped reignite my spark for outdoor adventure and I’m grateful for them for doing that!”  – Alex

“The Guide service was second to none. Each of the four boatmen [for the oar powered trip] were knowledgeable and personable. They each in their own way went above and beyond to make my trip safe approachable, safe, fun, and memorable. Hatch is lucky to be able to employ each one of them.”  – Deb

“JP Running and Sean Hatch are a seamless, dynamic, and stellar team. Love these guides!! I am blown away by everything they did for our group. Their combined experience and knowledge about the canyon geology, whitewater, and geography made for an informational and fabulous first rafting experience for me. I’m so ready to go back. I didn’t want the trip to end!! I’m still dreaming of canyon nights. I would request both of them again!!!”  – Joy

“David, Lars and Luke are true experts and exceptional leaders with a calm and relaxed approach without ever losing focus on safety.
We will do this again and insist on them as our leaders.
Their knowledge of the GC and its history were presented nicely and with respect to the indigenous tribes and explorers.”  – Todd

“The guides went above and beyond every day to make our trip a once in a lifetime adventure.”  – Nancy

“JP, Kelsey and Matt were outrageously skilled and absolute rockstars. They have set the bar and my expectations so high!”  – Anne

“Over and above all expectations!!”  – Mike

“Eric and Holden were so impressive, so many skills, calm and collected, took us safely through all the rapids and on some stunning side hikes and adventures.”  – Diahanna

“Kelsey and Carlos were fantastic guides. They were knowledgeable and entertaining but always kept safety at the forefront of the experience. Cannot imagine better guides for the trip.”  – Karen

“We have had dozens of guides, Carlos and Dan are some of the very BEST!”  – Bruce

“Lena, Matt and Sarah were excellent guides. They were professional yet warm and friendly. Their knowledge of the canyon, its geology cultural history and folklore really added to the whole experience. They always went the extra mile to accommodate all the guests needs, keeping us happy, safe, well fed and having the time of our lives!”  – Helen

“JP and Sean were awesome! I feel extremely lucky to be on a trip with both of them! They worked great together and provided lots of information and stories. All of our crew really enjoyed getting to spend time and learn about the canyon from these too.”  – Betsey

“Eric and Holden were perfect guides. They were easy going, explained details of trip clearly, excellent cooks, attentive, knowledgeable of geology of the Canyon, excellent boatmen who knew the rapids, and great story tellers. They kept our small group entertained and at ease.”  – Kathy

“The guides, Sean and Eric were fantastic!! Highly experienced on the river, they were able to combine skillful reading of the river to maximize our safety as well as our enjoyment and excitement. After the first day, this was obvious and only became more apparent as the rapids got bigger. They were very good at managing people as well, and each of them were humorous and thoughtful in their own unique ways. It is clear how much they love the Canyon and we are so grateful that they shared it with us. The logistics were very well-managed, no doubt with a lot of effort on their part behind the scenes. The side canyon trips, camping areas, hikes, etc were great, and their “challenge by choice” attitude helped me do more than I would have imagined. Thank you thank you, Sean and Eric! The arrangements to and from the canyon went seamlessly. Hatch’s 90 years of experiences shows and I would never go with another outfitter.”  – Laurie

“Luke’s guacamole is the best ever! Both Josh and Luke were excellent in their performance. I gained weight on the trip! Didn’t plan on that!”  – Rich

“Josh and Luke were amazing! They were very knowledgeable and I felt very safe in the rapids under their care. Their cooking/food was excellent!!”  – Bailey


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