Hatch is a concessionaire for Colorado River raft trips within Grand Canyon National Park. As such, Hatch maintains a great relationship with the NPS based on mutual respect and conversation. Of course they regulate much to do with operations on the water but the Park also does so much more relating to so many different operations and activities. Grand Canyon National Park is 1,217,403 acres in size and split between multiple sites including the South Rim, North Rim, Phantom Ranch, River and back country. Whew that’s a lot to cover!

Colorado River rafting trips

Photo Courtesy of the NPS

In 2013, Grand Canyon was the second most visited national park in the United States with around 4,500,000 visitors. Imagine managing the visitor experience for this tremendous amount of guests. Similar to the mission here at Hatch, the National Park Service works to provide guests traveling to these amazing locations with the best possible experience while also maintaining the natural resource. Many efforts are made every year to interpret and enhance knowledge of this precious geological, historical and cultural canyon.

In 2012 alone, Grand Canyon National Park provided interpretative walks, talks and programs to 161,672 visitors and environmental education programs to 28,233 guests. They also swore in 26,321 Junior Rangers. Wow – that’s a lot of education and information going out to a lot of people! Visitors to the park take advantage to the phenomenal resources provided to educate themselves about this national treasure.

The Park works in coordination with the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area preceding them as well as the Lake Mead National Recreation Area following them along with multiple native tribes like the Navajo, Hualapai and Havasupai. Plus they constantly work with the people at the Glen Canyon Dam to figure out water flows on the river. This is a multifaceted job taking much dedication, hard work and of course cooperation. Hatch is thankful to with such a renowned National Park on our Colorado River raft trips. These guys are doing great work for the next generation!

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