On any back country trip bathing becomes a popular concern. Colorado River rafting poses the same difficulty though we don’t like to think of it as such. Once guests depart their motel rooms, showers become more than scarce until the duration of the expedition. But remember that while amenities may be in short supply, water is not.

The Colorado River itself offers guests ample opportunities for bathing. The use of biodegradable soap (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc) is only allowed in the main channel of the river. This water only reaches about 50 or so degrees Fahrenheit so it can be a bit chilly. A great guest recommendation is to put all toiletries on a lanyard to be easily warn down to the river then only submersing a bit and using splashing to assist in these undertakings.

Although soap may not be used in the side streams, guests often take all possible opportunities to swim and bathe in side streams. Often these streams and waterfalls are quite a bit warmer than the main river so even a quick splash and plunge into their depth will offer a sense of relief and renewal.

Colorado River rafting

Office employee Magnolia says regular, unscented baby wipes can be a lifesaver. She recommends not getting too fancy with these and just sticking to a regular brand so they stay moist throughout the trip. These can be used for a quick refresher anytime and offers much more ease then making the effort to bathe in the river every night. Office employee Katy says that for the ladies bringing some sort of hair oil and leave in conditioner was so important because the sand in the water made her hair a bit tough to comb so applying these when wet aided in combing those tresses.

Some guests do opt to bring a solar shower while Colorado River rafting though it is not required nor necessarily encouraged. Guests still have to use these devices down at the river and there are no trees to hang them from so a shower buddy will be necessary. There is also limited space on the raft during the day for heating these bags because they can tend to be a bit bulky.

Hope this helps and if any questions arise please contact our office staff directly.

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