This question comes about quite often here in the Hatch offices and not surprisingly. For many guests this expedition will not only be their first white water trip but also their first extended camping experience. Proper attire will contribute to comfort throughout the trip. Remember that weather plays an important part on decision making while river rafting Grand Canyon.

river rafting Grand Canyon

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Attire needs vary based on the weather currently in the canyon. A bit of advice from the office staff would be to dress in layers on the first day and make sure that the rain gear is handy. Perhaps have underwear or swimsuit as the base layer and then lightweight pants and t-shirt on top of that. For those with fair skin try a long sleeve quick dry shirt over top. This can also be great to dunk in the river and keep you cool through evaporative cooling. By dressing in layers, guests have the option of removing items and placing them in the day bag when not need. This provides an opportunity to figure out the best way to dress on subsequent days.

Some ladies choose to wear a two piece swimsuit as their undergarments on days where a "wet hike" is likely. Perhaps bring multiple suits so that a dry one is always handy. For those opting for underwear check out lightweight and quick dry items for comfort. Although it is not technically clothing, make sure to apply sunscreen often and in excess to protect from those UV rays. Always have handy a sun hat and sunglasses for comfort – with retention strings of course. For footwear, wearing sport sandals is advised while on the raft and having a pair of tennis shoes and socks handy in the day dry bag for any hikes. Check out this blog for more on footwear.

For those with further questions please contact the Hatch office staff. We always say that we would rather you be over prepared than under prepared.

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