Grand Canyon white water rafting trips

See the water bottles?

Though beverage sheets are included in every trip packet when the reservation is booked, not all guests realize that water and either Gatorade or Lemonade will be available at all times both on the raft and at camp. Other items like soda and alcohol can be a nice treat during the day but Hatch is here to tell you that water is the ULTIMATE drink on any Grand Canyon white water rafting trips. Here’s why:

  • It’s cheap! Whether it’s the water contained in Hatch coolers or cans of fizzy water, this stuff will save money. Twelve packs of those neatly packed cans run only about $8. That makes it a quick and convenient addition to any beverage supply. And the stuff on the boat is free! Even better. Here’s a fun tidbit from the EPA, "If you drink your recommended 8 glasses of water per day from the tap, it will cost you about 50 cents per year. If you choose to drink it from water bottles, it can cost you up to $1.400 dollars". Holy cow now that’s a fun fact!
  • It doesn’t have to be ice cold. Some people just can’t stand a soda or beer that hasn’t been chilled. The greatest thing about water is that it can be drunk at any temperature. Though the cool water from the coolers can be refreshing, it isn’t mandatory to make it palatable.
  • There are no calories. This is a great thing on a rafting trip because with all the food to be eaten, more than one guest has gained a pound or two.
  • Hydration is the key to a fun and safe trip. Staying hydrated in the desert takes dedication and attention to how much and what beverages are being consumed. Avoid the symptoms of dehydration by keeping those water bottles full and drinking often. Don’t want to have to skip a hike because of tiredness or dizziness. And it can be avoided so easily by water.
  • Tap or filtered water is likely more environmentally friendly. And we know about water conservation here on the Colorado River. Did you know that greater than a quarter of bottled water comes from the same place as tap water anyways? Wait what? Plus the packaging and processing that go into the water won’t be needed. Reusable water bottles are the trendy thing in most National Parks including Grand Canyon.

Now don’t feel weird about bringing supplemental beverages. Water is not everyone’s cup of tea …or cup of water…or not. Hatch does recommend striving to drink at least four liters (a gallon) of water a day at a minimum on Grand Canyon white water rafting trips. By the way eight 8-ounce glasses of water is 1.9 liters. Remember that this is a desert, arid environment which means that those recommendations go way up. Between sweat loss and body needs in the heat, trust us, you’ll thank us.

Water is the Ultimate Drink on Grand Canyon White Water Rafting Trips was last modified: July 22nd, 2015 by Katy Nelson

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