Hatch River Expeditions has heard more than once that a carabineer might be the most useful piece of equipment on a Grand Canyon raft trips. For those who are not familiar, a carabineer is hook of sorts, with a spring locking "gate" that closes. These handy-dandy little items can often be seen in the mountaineering and rock climbing worlds, but truly have so many other uses as well.

Hatch River Expeditions

Examples of Carabineers

Carabineers are multi-purpose, but on a Hatch River Expeditions trip they can mostly be found attaching bags to the raft or water bottles to backpacks. Any gear that is not safely packed in the center of the boat may be subject to elements such as rapids, wind and even ravens. A life jacked not safely strapped to the boat may end up floating downstream. A day bag bouncing through a rapid has the potential to bounce right off the raft. A backpack not securely zipped may even fall prey to a curious raven looking for loot. Due to these factors, Hatch guides recommends early on, that our adventurers strap everything to the raft to keep it safely and handily on board.

Hatch River Expeditions provides all guests with one carabineer that will attach your Hatch mug to your bag or the boat. We highly recommend bringing spares to use elsewhere on your expedition. There are multiple types of carabineers. Heavy duty mountain climbing carabineers are not necessary for adventures with our team, but perhaps a larger model with a locking mechanism would be handy.

Also remember that the small carabineers do occasionally break, so bringing a spare is never a bad idea. If you have any questions as how to the use of these great little pieces of equipment, please give us a call and the Hatch River Expeditions team will be happy to assist.

About Grand Canyon Raft Adventures with Hatch: Hatch River Expeditions is known for their unforgettable adventures for singles, couples and families – down the Colorado River and into the Grand Canyon. For more information on what to pack for your next expedition, or to book a Grand Canyon raft trip today, visit: www.hatchriverexpeditions.com.

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