Hatch River Expeditions has been leading trips down the Colorado River for years. Their experience in the water and out in the Grand Canyon’s nature is above and beyond the knowledge of any other crew on the water.

From time to time Hatch River Expeditions loves to post words of gratitude or great memories from those adventurers that have taken trips with Hatch River Expeditions. Here is what one of our guests wanted to share:

"I love this week. I love the absence of cell phone and internet contact with its associated pressures. I find the river constantly changing and changed and always amazing. It is fascinating to watch the tamarisks come, go and re-establish; to see beaches transform and to interact with new folks at the “duty” stops, like the Little Colorado, Elves Chasm, and Deer Creek. This year we hit Havasu at a good time of time. Once group was coming out just as we were hiking in, but then we had the social pool and Champagne Falls to ourselves, which was nice too. Though one realizes that this “wilderness” is heavily and constantly visited during the summer season, it is nice to experience it without a horde of other people. It hailed on us one day, three times. Once as we were loading the boats (just small pellets), then bigger hailstones once we were downstream. Scott found us a cave to shelter in through this onslaught. It felt atavistic, but fun to crouch in the cave and watch Nature show what she can do. Back on the river, it hailed again, this time even bigger and shelter was scarce, but Scott found us a small beach with tamarisks. Invasive species or not, they gave us shelter. As it had been raining along with the hail, we were treated to seeing waterfalls cascade over the rim of the canyon, scores of them. It was spectacular. Our professor in charge and the geologist, had always said he wanted to see a rock fall, not just the rock scar afterwards. The rains provoked two rock falls, one small, and one fairly large. The “crack” as the rock splintered off reverberated like thunder. Ironically, [he] missed seeing both of them. Not that I want or expect rainstorms (with or without hail) on our next trip, but I mention this to point to some of the extraordinary things that happened and gave a special flavor to this trip. The food, as always, was excellent. The last evening’s spaghetti was wonderfully spiced. I think it may be the best last-night-spaghetti sauce I’ve had in 31 years." -Judie M. of Louisiana, May 22 Full

Hatch River Expeditions

Photo Courtesy of M. Outwater

About Grand Canyon Wilderness Trips:Hatch River Expeditions is well known for their outstanding Grand Canyon wilderness expeditions combined with white water rafting. For more information and reviews on Hatch, please visit: hatchriverexpeditions.com .

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