Goodness knows that everyone loves a bit of positive reinforcement. And our Grand Canyon rafting tours guides are no exception in that department. What a wonderful feeling when guests and guides create a bond while traveling along the Colorado River. Below are some fantastic reviews from guests on our September 11 Motorized trip. These guests truly make this job special as we love sharing the Canyon with others and we say thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with us.

"Every question was answered promptly. Friendly and helpful staff. Love Tanner and Amanda! They took great care of us, all our dietary needs, made sure we had fun! We spoke with Jeremiah at the warehouse and he was also warm and friendly. Everyone we meet was wonderful.We had a fabulous time! Our guides Tanner and Amanda went over and above to meet our needs and make sure we had a safe and enjoyable experience. I would (and have) recommend Hatch River Expeditions to anyone taking such a trip! Thanks!!!!!!!" ~Guest on September 11 Motorized

Grand Canyon Rafting Tours Guides

"Tanner and Amanda were consummately professional and a pleasure to have as our guides. We never doubted Tanner’s ability to keep us safe and guide us to the best areas. With our musical crowd, he blended right in with some guitar strumming and songs of his own. Amanda was an amazing cook and her tales of the river and geological knowledge helped us to appreciate the Canyon to a level that I don’t feel many people would experience. Thank you for the experience of a lifetime!" ~Guest on September 11 Motorized

"Tanner and Amanda were very competent, friendly, and hard working. We enjoyed their stories about river life and the geology of the canyon. They did so much to help make our experience a positive one." ~Guest on September 11 Motorized

"Tanner and Amanda were our guides. They did a great job. They both worked hard and were very competent. They helped us to have fun but also took steps to ensure our safety. The food was great and I observed that they tried to accommodate a couple of guests who had food restriction as best they could. At times these guests seemed to be asking for the moon, but they still did their best to please them. I especially enjoyed the stories about the river and the general explanations about the geology and river lore that was shared by the guides." ~Guest on September 11 Motorized

"Tanner and Amanda V. were patient, friendly, funny, and knowledgeable. We trusted their judgment and leadership.[Recommend] Queen size cots :)" ~Guest on September 11 Motorized

"Loved your very thorough blogs and found them full of loads of useful info and your Pinterest page was so helpful.Tanner was funny, helpful, patient, shared loads of info on the Grand Canyon, always concerned with safety, a fantastic cook and just fun to be with. Top Notch guy. Amanda shared lots of her knowledge of the geology of the area, an efficient gal, a wonderful and cook creative cook, a great addition to our trip.Thanks so much for providing me with gluten free food!" ~Guest on September 11 Motorized

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