Though the rafting and rapids afford guests the opportunity for excitement and adventure, relaxing in the solitude of the Canyon can also be significant. After a grand day of splashing through rapids and hiking through ancient side canyons, pulling into camp can be a welcome treat after a day on a Colorado River rafting trip.

Depending on the layout of the day, rafts will generally pull in to camp between 4 and 5 PM. The first task at hand will be forming a fire line of sorts and unloading all guest gear off of the rafts and onto the beach. Once this group effort concludes, guests may grab their dry bags and head off to select the perfect camping spot. Most of the time we recommend sleeping under the stars so this might be the perfect time to lay out the provided ground cloth and set up our brand new comfy cots. We recommend leaving all sleeping bags and pillows in the closed off dry bag until you get ready for sleep just in case any curious critters decide to make themselves at home. Three person tents are also available per two guests.

While guests occupy themselves setting up camp, Hatch guides find themselves busy setting up the kitchen and starting on appetizers. Generally around 5 PM an assortment of hors d’oeuvres make their way to the serving area. Guests then make their way around the kitchen, setting up camp chairs and enjoying themselves with conversations and delicious nibbles – and perhaps a cocktail if you brought something of the sort along.

Dinner appears next. Guests and guides congregate around the kitchen to serve themselves and return to their cozy chairs to enjoy the feast. After bellies are full and relaxation has set in, guests often meander back to their camp sites. This time may be used to fall asleep early under the stars or perhaps journal about the day’s events. Some guests bring a good book (one you don’t mind getting wet or sandy of course) and use the solitude of the Canyon to drift off to another reality.

Spending the evenings relaxing in the tranquility of the Canyon provides guests with the opportunity to unwind and take in all that Grand Canyon has to offer. Sit back, relax and enjoy all the sights, sounds and magic along the Colorado River.

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