With all the options for Grand Canyon white water Rafting trips it can be difficult to decide which option is best. Find some answers to some often asked questions below.

What length of trip?

Our best advice… go for as long as you can. Choose a trip that takes you the full length of the Canyon. You will be glad you did. This is not a trip to squeeze into your hectic schedule, but rather an escape from it. You will not want to miss a single mile, nor have to choose between the equally spectacular upper or lower sections of the Grand Canyon.

What time of year works best?

Weather in Grand Canyon can vary by season. April, May and September tend towards more mild weather though the spring can see a bit of wind. June is by far the busiest month on the river and Hatch books up usually over a year in advance for trips in June. July and August can be great months to be on the river and fit conveniently for families traveling with school aged kids. These months are during monsoon season, though, so be prepared for afternoon thunderstorms.

Grand Canyon white water rafting trips

Which type of rafts?

Motorized: The motorized trips are an extremely convenient way to see the river in a short amount of time. At over 35’ in length and 16’ wide, our motor rigs are exceptionally capable craft suited for all water levels and conditions experienced in Grand Canyon. They are stealthily powered by 30-horsepower, four-stroke motors that meet the EPA’s stringent emissions standards. Even better, they are so quiet that most of the time you don’t hear them. Each raft can hold up to 16 guests and most trips have 2 rafts though there are some 1 boat launches available.

Grand Canyon white water rafting

Oar: The oar powered Grand Canyon white water rafting trips flow at the natural pace of the river and provide guests with an up close and personal view of the rapids. The self-bailing oar-powered rafts of tough hypalon rubber and specialized frames are 18’ long and 8’ wide—perfect for up to five guests and a guide rowing, plus all the fun and thrills the Canyon can dish out. A typical oar trip includes five boats.

Grand Canyon white water rafting trip

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