Many Hatch River Expeditions guests do not come from a wilderness or camping background. In fact, a good estimate would be that about 60% of guests come from cities or suburbs and have only camped a few times. That is one of the best things about a rafting trip – it can be perfect for everyone. But for those that are having trouble convincing their city slicker friends or family that a rafting trip is the perfect vacation here are a few reasons why a day on the river are exactly like a day in the city:

Hatch River Expeditions

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  • There really is an alarm clock. There’s a lot to see so get up bright and early. Guides wake at the break of dawn to get the day started with a bang. That bang comes as the guides use the coffee call as an informal buzzer.
  • Speaking of coffee, guides prep it hot and fresh early every morning. It’s just like a coffee maker on auto-run would do in the city before work. Guides and guests say this is some of the best coffee ever!
  • The commute can be crazy. It is possible to pass between two and three other raft trips a day. Although these interactions differ in the fact that hellos are exchanged instead of honking horns.
  • Lines will definitely be a standard. On guided hikes to spectacular attractions, guests line up single file to navigate the trails on the way to a hidden waterfall or ancient Anasazi ruin.
  • Best get on a schedule because meals will be served thrice a day. Yes thrice including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Really meals are served like at a cafeteria in that it is buffet style. The rough part is that guests might even have to go back for seconds.

As is evidenced here, a day with Hatch River Expeditions is basically the exact same as a day at the office – except for the unforgettable scenery and exciting whitewater.

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