Ever feel a little slow at work? Like motivation might be a bit lacking? This problem affects many, many…many people every year. There have been quite a few studies showing that relaxation can improve productivity. A Forbes article states that if only American employees would take one more paid day off a year it would result in $73 billion in output for the economy and would positively affect both employees and businesses. In fact the same article mentions that the average worker does not use an average of 3.2 paid time off days in 2013. What the what? Here at Hatch River Expeditions we find that figure astounding as our sole purpose in existing as a company is to provide guests with the ultimate Grand Canyon raft trip – the perfect get away from work.

Today we celebrate Labor Day which is a day reserved for the celebration of the working man’s (or woman’s) achievements. By taking a step back today and recognizing the need for at least a yearly vacation the opportunity of increasing productivity can be solved. What better vacation to help recharge those batteries than a whitewater rafting trip? Imagine wet whitewater rapid thrills, fun in the sun and sand and stargazing below the Canyon walls to round out an amazing vacation.

Grand Canyon raft trip

Having absolutely no cell service while in the Canyon provides guests with a major benefit when attempting to get away from the stresses at work. The wilderness experience can also help re-set biological clocks simply because of the lack of technology and the chance to realign with natures natural time table (think sunrises and sunsets). Combine those benefits with the opportunity to reconnect with friends or family and attune to the frequencies of nature a Grand Canyon raft trip is hard to beat!

Take a Cue from Labor Day and Take a Grand Canyon Raft Trip was last modified: July 22nd, 2015 by Katy Nelson

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