November 11th, 2016

Composing a Photography Rafting Colorado River Grand Canyon

rafting Colorado River Grand Canyon

Photo Courtesy of Mitch Suliak

Grow those photography skills while rafting Colorado River Grand Canyon. Try a few of these composition techniques to help create stellar, stunning photos on the trip.

  • Make sure there is a focal point. Eyes often gravitate towards one part of the image so attempt to create that point and don’t make it random.
  • Rule of thirds IS important. Don’t ignore the advice from that high school photography teacher. This simple advice can alter a photograph completely. Divide the frame being shot into thirds and try to put either natural lines or the focus point along one of those lines. It can be appealing to the eye and helps make sure not all the pictures have the focus directly in the center. Try to strike a balance between important parts of the picture.
  • Try to lead the viewer towards the focal point with leading lines. An unsuccessful photo will leave the observer not knowing where to look. Use the lines presented in the frame to aid in this as well as adding a three dimensional quality the photo by drawing the viewer in. Remember that these lines don’t have to be straight – think diagonal, wavy, etc. – just anything that draws the eye.
  • Zoom in on what is being photographed. Try not to leave too much arbitrary space around the object being shot. Compose the photograph to have maximum impact. Sometimes there can be too much sky and it can diminish what the focus of the shot should be. Remember that upon returning home, a good photo editor can help the "cropping" in case this magnificent scenery made it too hard to leave out.
  • This landscape provides the perfect opportunity to frame the main object of the photography. By doing this it helps isolate the focal point and draw attention to it specifically. Think about it, why would that photo be matted or framed in the house? It defines the image. Many a time in these blogs, the words have been used, "use those beautiful canyon walls to frame the skies above". It has been said to impart an emotion. Lying in bed and looking up at the Milky Way draws the viewer into the sky and photography is no different.
  • Pretend to be a red ant and a raven. No, seriously. Imagine their viewpoints on the world and take some photographs from different angles. They see the world in a completely different way which can be interesting in a photograph as well as defining space and size. This technique can create an utterly drastic image.
  • Don’t take it too seriously. Sometimes the best pictures are spur of the moment and not well thought out. Experiment and take lots of photos. Having too many can be great because there are so many options to pick and choose from. The Grand Canyon can be difficult to grasp so take more than one picture of certain locations but change up the strategy. And don’t think that every single technique needs to be utilized in every photograph.
  • Please don’t forget the people. Yes, the artsy pictures are fun but make sure to get friends and loved ones involved. These memories last a lifetime. Even better advice, get some of the pictures printed. They can be beautiful online but a photo from rafting Colorado River Grand Canyon framed in the home provides years of memories and love.
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