A common and extremely popular side hike on any Full and Upper Colorado River rafting trip is the Little Colorado River. Famous for the beautiful turquoise waters and the magnificent confluence with the main Colorado River it can be a highlight for any river trip.

Did you know that the Little Colorado River’s headwaters actually begin in the forests of the White Mountains in northeastern Arizona? This river is a prime destination for anglers, as a matter of fact, due to its clear and perennial flow. After descending from the elevations near Mt. Baldy and the town of Greer, The Little Colorado River swoops down through grass lands and the Painted Desert and finally into Grand Canyon where you might catch a glimpse or get to splash around.

Colorado River Rafting Trips

Fishing the Little Colorado River in the White Mountains – miles from Grand Canyon

The beautiful Little Colorado River near the confluence gets its turquoise color from the minerals dissolved in the water. The minerals, mostly calcium carbonate, have a high alkaline content and reflect back that magical turquoise color that it so inviting.

Our guides will invite you to enjoy the warm and welcoming waters. They will give instructions to don the life jacket upside down and on your rear end and direct guests how to take advantage of this water park like swimming destination. Ask a guide how to link together with a friend to create a "chain" by holding their feet under your arms.

Colorado River Rafting Trip

Photo Courtesy of Rosemary Burbank

Keep in mind that this stop might not always be a stop on the expedition as guide decisions and weather may be a factor. During the monsoon rains of July and August the natural hue of the Little Colorado can be a muddy brown due to flash flooding in the desert above. Don’t discourage, though, as our guides will find another exciting adventure for your enjoyment!

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