"We were fortunate to have been able to ride each day with a different guide. Kelly, Brian, Dominic, Lena, Rico and Sean. We felt each oar guide was extremely well qualified and experienced on the Colorado River, informative, personable, helpful and encouraging. Each guide was also most respectful of Kelly as the trip leader and complemented her kind leadership abilities. . Also, extend my deepest thanks to Steve Hatch, who we met briefly at Lee’s Ferry, to hiking guide Misty, and menu credit to Michele. This adventure has been on our ‘bucket list’ for over a decade. We’re both in our 60’s. Though we remain rather ‘prissy’ when it comes to the challenges and endurance of camping with several days of cold, rainy temperature, extended periods without showering along with specified ‘potty’ procedures, the Expedition could not have been more glorious."

Joyce H. Missouri. May 2011

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