The first thing to keep in mind when considering the facilities on a Colorado River rafting trip is that this is a wilderness expedition. Most of what lies below those Canyon walls finds itself untouched by human hands. As stewards of this environment, Hatch River Expeditions strives to do their part to keep it that way – and bathroom facilities are no exception.

Hatch River Expeditions practices a Leave No Trace means of adventuring. This meaning that we teach and practice ethics on ways to enjoy the environment responsibly. Hatch follows all National Park regulations regarding responsible stewardship of these precious natural resources – the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon. At an orientation on the first day, guests receive a briefing on how to go about ‘taking care of business’.

All guests will urinate directly in the river. Men generally go upstream and women go downstream. You don’t necessarily have to wade all the way into the water just make sure all liquids go directly into the water. From previous guest reviews, we hear that female urinals or "pee pods" work great for women not inclined to squat. Remember that we recommend for women to wear two piece bathing suits for "logistical" reasons.

When considering anything along the lines of Number 2, we provide portable toilets, or as we call them "groovers" for your use. They will be set up first in camp, and will be the last item taken down before leaving camp. It is set up in a more remote area to provide privacy – with the toilet paper in a waterproof box, just in case rain happens upon the adventure.

Colorado River Rafting Trip

Courtesy of M. Outwater

We use an ingenious lock and key system so guests will know if the toilet is in use. If the large "key" – generally a cushion or something of the sort – can be found at the hand wash station, then the toilet is vacant. Grab the key and take care of business but don’t forget to "unlock" when you are finished by bringing the key back. Toilet paper can go directly into the toilet but hygiene products should be disposed of with solid waste aka the trash. And ALWAYS use the hand wash station after such an expedition.

Hatch always recommends using the facilities before embarking on side hikes, but if you do have an emergency, the guides can provide a portable and disposable wag bag – including instructions for use.

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