Hatch River Expeditions believes in maximizing wilderness river adventures to benefit a wide variety of guests. Experiencing the Canyon on a whitewater rafting trip is advantageous to people from all walks of life. Having diverse groups on our canyon trips not only adds value to our guest’s experiences but to our employees as well. Reaching out and contributing to the community is an incredibly important goal and we truly enjoy sharing Grand Canyon with a vast array of guests.

This year Hatch was fortunate to work with a group called Canyon Heroes for the third year in a row. This organization helps "wounded veterans by providing them with an opportunity to help recover from their combat experiences while rafting through the spectacular Grand Canyon on the Colorado River". The trip launched in late July and was an overwhelming success. With great people and great scenery, anything is possible!

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Below are some highlights for vets experience on their wilderness river adventures with Hatch River Expeditions. They truly show the insight as to how the Canyon can be healing to so many people. This is an incredibly worthwhile cause put on by some incredibly caring people. Hatch could not be more grateful and proud of the things we have accomplished with Canyon Heroes in the past three years.

"I have seen this trip as my warrior transitional ceremony. And making this journey with other warriors made it especially memorable and moving."

"This was a one in a life time experience. I feel that I am well on my way to a positive future."

"I was able to honor the memory of those lost in combat. The Colorado River may be cold but its waters are healing."

For more information or to make a donation contact:

Canyon Heroes
PO Box 404
Ligonier, PA 15658-0404
Email: info@canyonheroes.org

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