November 11th, 2016

Tents and Toilets on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon - Hatch River Expeditions

Are you a weekend camping warrior? Have you NEVER camped before? Considering a whitewater rafting trip with your children who have never camped?

We have you covered no matter what level of camping expertise you start out with. In the end, you’ll be an expert whitewater camper!

To get you going, watch our video on youtube about camping with Hatch on the Colorado River.

For the camping experts, we promise the most beautiful riverside locations.

For the newbies, we will walk you through every step of setting up and taking down your tent. Your guides will point out the best places to sleep and those to keep away from. Each camp site will be pristine and we’ll work hard to leave it that way for the next group.

We provide a sleeping kit for you. We call it the Pumpkin. It includes: a ground cloth;  1.5 inch, self-inflating, vinyl coated, foam pad (Paco Pad); a laundered sleeping bag, and; a standard pillow.

Each night, we’ll unload tents and Pumpkins from the boats. There will be enough tents to go around.

You’ll also have a camp chair to sit on each night. You can hang out around the kitchen area or take it off to a quiet spot to read or just sit in peace and quiet.

You can sleep in your tent or out under the stars.


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