With the ever growing demands of technology Hatch River Expeditions continually strives to keep up with our guests needs. Recently more and more guests have been bringing along digital cameras, cell phones and even Go Pros to document their Colorado River rafting trip. Due to this increased use of devices and their tendency to require energy, we have developed a new technology to allow passengers to charge devices in the evenings.

We provide a 12 volt charging system for the charging of small batteries while on the trip. The system includes a 12 volt DC female plug (cigarette lighter style) as well as a USB charging port and two AC standard outlet plugs in a 150 watt inverter. This charging device will be available in the evenings at camp as needed. The charging of medically related equipment (CPAP machines, etc.) will take precedence over camera charging. In most instances guests will take turns charging their devices.

Colorado River rafting trip

Photo Courtesy of Bob Golden

Please keep in mind that Hatch does not necessarily recommend bringing electronic devices as the Canyon can be unkind with the sun, sand and water. Make sure to waterproof any devices or bring along a waterproof case and only use the devices when it is safe to do so. If something falls overboard or gets a gigantic splash through a rapid there really is no saving it. For guests bringing a Go Pro type video camera again make sure it is always secured – more than one has sunk to the bottom of the pool at Elves Chasm when the videographer made the jump in forgetting to secure the strap. Also consider bringing extra memory and batteries so that there is always a spare. One guest recommendation is to bring disposable waterproof cameras for photos through the rapids or in the water so that if the camera is lost or damaged it is no great expense – such brilliant tips!

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