When skimming over the packing lists provided when a trip is booked, guests often seek explanations for certain items that are recommended. River rafting Grand Canyon offers a unique opportunity to delve into the backwoods of Grand Canyon and being prepared is important. Highlighted below are explanations as to why certain items on the packing list are there and what the items are used for.

  • Sarong – The all-purpose packing list item! Great for men and ladies alike. This multi-use item can be used for anything from a fancy dinner outfit to a beach blanket to a towel or even a privacy screen when needed. Guests even use them as an extra sheet when sleeping under the stars.

river rafting Grand Canyon

  • GOOD Lotion and Hand Salve – The most important toiletry item in Grand Canyon. The sun, sand and water of the Colorado River can be unkind to guest’s sensitive skin not accustomed to such elements. Slathering the body before bed as well as applying a generous amount to your hands and feet works great to ward off cracking or flaking skin.

Katy’s Recommendation: Gerlan Hand Cream – can be found on Amazon. This works well for hands and feet. I like to apply at night and then put on a pair of socks to hold in the moisture.

Magnolia’s Recommendation: Burt’s Bees After Sun Soother – can be found at most drug stores. This is a great all around moisturizer that contains aloe vera. This can be used on your face, hands and body and anywhere else, really.

  • Gloves – This item, again, can have many uses. For those guests with fair skin the gloves can be great for sun protection. In the spring and fall months gloves can be great if the forecast looks towards the cooler temperatures. The most popular uses for gloves are probably wearing them for grasping the ropes while holding on through the rapids as well as donning them for hikes with quite a bit of elevation gain because guests may find themselves grasping hot rocks that can scorch sensitive hands.

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