On any Hatch motorized trip white water rafting in the Grand Canyon, guests have the opportunity to choose where to sit on the rafts. The motorized rafts are called "S-Rigs". This is just a term for how we rig the raft. The basics of this raft include the "donut" or oval shaped portion sandwiched between two pontoons. The raft is equipped with a metal frame and is self-bailing in nature. The pontoons provide stability. This raft is specifically designed for the environment and water flows guests may see in Grand Canyon.

The boatmen and swamper can be found towards the back of the raft operating the motor which is in an insulated motor well. The guides do move about the raft occasionally, especially the swamper when pulling in to locations to assist in "parking" the boat. Directly in front of where the guides are seated find what is called the "tea room". Generally the smoothest ride on the raft, guests looking not to get as wet find this to be the perfect location. Guest seats sit a bit higher out of the water than the rest of the raft. Don’t sit here if rapid thrills are the goal.

white water rafting in the grand canyon

Photo Courtesy of Morris Outwater

Many passengers find the seats surrounding the "duffel pile" to be most comfortable. These seats are situated along the sides of the raft with the guests leaning back against the pile. Guests are closer to rapid impact and thus can experience those waves with greater impact. Often guests will switch between this position and the "side tubes". In this position guests straddle the pontoon while making sure not to get their foot stuck between the two tubes. As with every seating position on the raft, ropes are provided to hold on. The bounce provided by riding the side tubes is exciting and thrilling but don’t forget to hold on! The infamous "bath tub" seating position is for the adventuresome guest seeking splashes and thrills. Guests sit on a platform facing forward on the raft towards the very front of the boat while leaning back against that duffel pile. These guys get to see those waves first-hand.

White water rafting in the Grand Canyon is seen optimally by switching positions based on day – that way everything can be experienced.

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