With the development of technology in recent years, photography has become far more accessible to more people. Sharing epic moments in life has become the norm for many people either on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Photos taken on Grand Canyon rafting trips can be particularly intriguing as not only the landscape but also the prospect of adventure is so evidently amazing. Make sure to stay on top of your social media game by checking out some of these interesting smartphone apps to add some zest to your Grand Canyon rafting photos. Some of these apps can use previously taken photographs – so if you returned from an expedition in the past few years – these might work for you as well as long as you can get some photos onto your device. Note that most of them are not free and you will be charged if you purchase them from your "app store".

We don’t necessarily recommend bringing smartphones on your rafting expedition as there can be multiple dangers: water, sun and sand. As many guests use their phones as their primary camera mechanism, though, we thought we would at least give some “app” options (tip: Consider a waterproof case for your device). Also, it is important for you to remember that although we are utilizing a charging station at camp, it is limited in amount plugs that are available and how often it can be used. Don’t depend on being able to charge every day. Consider leaving your phone in airplane mode when you are using it to conserve battery because you will not have service for the duration of your rafting expedition.

Now lets get to the good stuff. Check out these fantastic “app” options we came up with below.

On the Trip:

360 Panorama – Although iPhones newest update changed the camera to include a panoramic option, this app allows you to create a 360 degree panorama. This will allow you to fully capture what is going on around you in Grand Canyon on you whitewater expedition. My office test runs were extremely successful although I occasionally fudged it with my toes or with movement (I blame the office dogs). Platform: iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android

Click here to see my test run of a 360 degree panorama!

SnappyCam – This app allows you to hold down the shutter button and take multiple shots very quickly. That way you won’t miss a thing and will hopefully end up with a great shot. It was very self-explanatory and easy to use. I learned to just use it as intended and not to move it around too much with the shutter open as your shots will be a bit blurred. Platform: iOS (iPhone & iPad)

SlowShutter – I still have not mastered this app but for those of you familiar with shutter speed etc. this should be a breeze. It allows you to slow down the speed for different interesting effects. You know those light trail photos? Well this is an option to create them. As with other apps, test this one out ahead of time and make sure you understand it. You might not have time to learn on your Grand Canyon rafting trip. The photo below was my second try so I am guessing in this art form, practice makes perfect. Platform: iOS (iPhone & iPad)

Slow Shutter


HDR Fusion – This app allows you to take multiple pictures at once that merge together to ensure a high quality photo that is not to light and not too dark, but that it is just right. This one will take a little playing with before your expedition. Platform: iOS (iPhone & iPad)

On or After the Trip:

PicLab HD – Take photos and add overlays of words or symbols to spice them up. If you are using it during your trip – write what you feel. If you are using it after your rafting trip, add some more interest to your already very interesting Grand Canyon photos. It was pretty easy to use although some of the effects have to be downloaded for an additional cost. Platform: iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android



Instagram – This app allows you to add filters to alter the effect of your existing photo. Widely used by the younger generation, this app allows not just the altering but the sharing of photos as well on websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Platform: iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android



ArtistsTouch – Have you ever seen those awesome painting-like photos popping up around the web? They are very interesting and can add some interest to your Grand Canyon photos. This app allows you to edit your photos and create artist like prints. I struggled a bit at first but check out my first try…not great but not too bad either. Okay, maybe it is pretty bad. Platform: iOS (iPhone & iPad)

Artist's Workshop

Artist’s Workshop

Whatever you choose, remember that you do not have to be a professional photographer to capture fabulous pictures in Grand Canyon. The experience and the scenery lend themselves very well to the novice photographer. Return from your rafting trip with photos that will last you a lifetime.

If you have any suggestions of other apps either for iOS or Android, please let us know so we can share them with the whole Hatch rafting family.

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