From sea to shining sea, the United States of America provides travelers with a plethora of wonderful destinations to visit and experience. From the Statue of Liberty to the Great Lakes or the Golden Gate to Disneyworld vacation spots are plentiful. For those guests that are perhaps in the market more for an adventure than a vacation, though, Grand Canyon white water trips can be the perfect solution.

Many guests find that the Western United States provide a sense of adventure and something uniquely American and none so much as the desert vastness in Arizona. Grand Canyon has been captivating tourists and explorers alike for hundreds of years. John Wesley Powell famously traversed the river in search of not only adventure but knowledge and documentation of this once not well known place. Bus Hatch began running the Colorado River 80 years ago in 1934 – always in search of the next adventure on the white water.

Hatch River Expeditions has seen adventurers from Robert F. Kennedy to Barry Goldwater. We have provided excitement and thrills for thousands of families, couples and groups of friends. Between the epic splashes in Lava Falls or the waterpark feel at the Little Colorado River expect Hatch to deliver a buzz not easily worn off. Not only will this adventure exhilarate the body but it will also stimulate the mind between the regional history and geological education.

Hatch River Expeditions truly offers an All-American vacation taking guests to the only one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World in the United States (Aurora Borealis not counted due to its ability to be claimed by multiple countries). When deciding on your next family trip decide if you are more interested in a vacation or an adventure. We’ll see you on the river!

Grand Canyon white water

Photo Courtesy of Bob Golden

American Adventure in Grand Canyon: Experience a true American adventure on a Grand Canyon white water expedition. Bring the whole family to see all the thrills and excitement river rafting can offer. For more information check out

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